About Us

Whats the Story??

Ideated a decade ago, Founded in 2021 and launched in 2022, the core idea behind starting Moodi Moon was to embrace moods. The happy one, the sad one, the angry one, the silent one, the joyful one, the romantic one, or the confused one (anxiety, excitable, fearful,).

Whatever your feelings are, we believe that they are valid, and the deeper you connect with them, the closer you’ll get to yourself. After all, positivity is overrated, and expressing yourself is underrated.


So, indulge in our art puzzles that celebrate the art of doing nothing. Unplug yourself from reality, mute your boss on WhatsApp, give your gushing fingers some rest from scrolling, sit in your sweet corner, put those fairy lights on, make yourself a cup of cappuccino (don’t forget to add cream for extra flavour), put some soulful music on, and together, away from everything else, let’s get Moodi.


Founder + Promoter

I need to center myself, I pivot, I fall, I confuse, I learnt to love Mondays, take a break not just on the weekend, rest, play and indulge, I keep going in cycles but I center myself again to my most authentic self! 

For the love of connection and collaboration, I founded Moodi Moon. I am the first Moodi here. And I love it!!